About ESC Nation


ESC Nation is a non-profit fan website. It is not official by any means. For the official Eurovision website, managed by the EBU and registered in Tuvalu, see www.eurovision.tv.


ESC Nation (or Eurovision Nation) was launched on 1 January 2007, incorporating the pre-existing Eurovison Record Book website. Its main purpose was to accommodate the message board community from the closed doteurovision.com. However, other sections have been added over time.

Who we are

This site is managed and assisted by a team of 18 people across different countries and continents.
Webmaster: Yair Spielmann (Northern Ireland)
Scorewiz and Record Book master: Ben Tumminaro (Netherlands)
Message Board moderators and News Blog correspondents: Daiva S. (Lithuania), Dan H. (Germany), Giannis K. (Greece), Harald S. (Norway), Jeremy L. (New York), Jonas G. (Sweden), Jordi R. (Spain).
Additional News Blog correspondents: Arvid K. (Norway), Daniel N. (Sweden), Geert V.G. (Belgium), Henrik S. (Sweden), Marianne Z. (Finland), Roger F. (Norway), Sam B. (UK), Thomas S. (Germany).
Video expert: Paul L. (Belgium).

News Blog

Although we report news, many of our articles are written 'tongue-in-cheek' or contain opinions, and should not be taken seriously. Yet, we aspire to practice basic journalistic standards, by quoting our sources and avoiding libel. If you feel that we libeled or stolen copyrighted material by you or anyone you represent, please contact us immediately using the contact form.

Message Board

Our message board is public and open for anyone to post, and so we cannot guarantee that posts or hyperlinks placed on it are legal and suitable for all ages. Our moderators do their best to delete illegal or offensive posts, but it is natural that some posts are overlooked. If you feel any message should be deleted, please use the 'Report Abuse' option at the bottom of the message.