Finland 2009

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Waldo's People - "Lose Control"
Composed by: A. Lehtonen, Karima, Waldo, A. Kratz Gutå

Useful Information About Finland

Finland is the only non-Scandinavian country in Scandinavia, and it even has its own airline! Made globally famous by saunas and a a president that is the spitting image of an American talk show host, this cold sparsely populated country offers its inhabitants one of the world's highest standards of living yet no one wants to live there.

Being on the receiving end of many-a-Eurovision voter thrashings, Finland made a glorious comeback in 2006 when hard rockers Lordi won the contest earning the largest number of points in ESC history.

Interesting facts:
Owner: Nokia and Marianne
Motto: "Connecting People"
Alcoholic consumption: whatever fits in the ferry from Estonia

Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

After seeing how successful DJ Bobo's vampire resurrection was at ESC, Finland decided to send their own 90s eurodance act to ESC. Avoiding the rock song in their NF, strangely, they picked Waldo's People with the song "Lose Control".

With the mix of rap that served Lindsay D and Daz Sampson so well for the UK, Finland will be hoping to make the final for the fourth time in a row.

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